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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #9 – Use Coupon Apps

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #9 – Use Coupon Apps

300x800_IbottaThere is a lot of savings to gain by utilizing coupon applications!  I have a couple really great coupon applications that I like to use on a consistent basis – my favorite is called IBOTTA.  It’s simple, download the app to your phone and go shopping.  Upload your receipt and you earn extra money!  I like to think of this app as using digital coupons and you can redeem the money you earn for gift cards or for cash!  You can even use paper coupons on the products you redeem – like a double dip!  It’s awesome!

Try IBOTTA today and when you refer your friends you can earn cash!  You can also try out SavingsStar – works the exact same way, but I’ll be honest, for me, I’ve had a lot better luck with IBOTTA.  There are a lot more apps out there, just find one you like and start saving TODAY!

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How To Throw 2 Birthday Parties For Only $65

How To Throw 2 Birthday Parties For Only $65

HowToThrow2BdayPartiesThis post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

True story – two weeks ago, I threw two birthday parties for less than $65 total.  Not kidding!  My two older kids both have birthdays in June, only weeks apart.  For some silly reason, this year I decided to have both of their parties on the same day!  Yes, I’m crazy, and I know what you are thinking – oh Katrina, that’s not a big deal – I’m sure you just had a joint party at a park with both sets of their friends and you just served cake and let the kids all play…right?  Um, no…that’s not what I did, I’m not that type of mom.  I’m the super crazy type of mom that loves to throw at-home parties that are creative, fun, active, and have a unique theme!  Cue the theme music…yep, I’m certified crazy!  :)   But, the cool thing about their parties this year was that I did them both, on the same day, hours apart for less than $65 total and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it!

20150606_142434My oldest son, Coen, turns 9 on June 25th.  We started planning his birthday party at the end of his party last year (yep, more crazy) and the theme he chose this year was Minute-To-Win-It.  Have you ever seen this game show?  If you haven’t you should watch it sometime – it’s a great show where contestants have 1 minute to complete silly tasks for money.  We had debated doing this theme the year before, but changed our minds at the last minute.  After attending a Minute-To-Win-It party, Coen was determined to do the same thing for his party this year.

My daughter, Makenzie, turned 6 on June 10th.  We started planning her party Mak_frontDoortheme last November when she quit her gymnastics class and decided she was a cheerleader instead.  :)  She fell in love with cheerleading and so her theme this year was..can you guess? Yep, cheerleading!  Picking a theme early is key, that way you can start planning, and picking up items that are on sale when you are out and about already.  And in fact, the colors for their parties was picked based off the fact that in December I just so happened to be at the Dollar Store buying stuff for Christmas and I came across cheerleader pom poms that were red, blue, and silver.  I bought 11 sets of pom poms and her party theme was decided!

When we picked Makenzie’s color scheme I honestly didn’t realize that Minute-To-Win-It’s logo was red, blue, and silver – I got super lucky!  The colors just worked out to be the same!

So here is how I planned, decorated, and threw their parties for under $50 total.  Let’s start with Makenzie’s Cheerleading party…

Cheerleading Party

Invitations: Her invitations were megaphones that we cut out and tied a ribbon around.  We M_inviteadded some glitter to the end and were good to go!  They were adorable, we made them ourselves and spent an afternoon decorating them.  I just googled megaphone clipart – picked one I liked and printed it out to fit inside the cute silver envelopes I had at home.  To make these, we used stuff we had at home – and were only making 12 invites, so it didn’t take very long, and was FREE.  We tend to use a lot of red stuff for our home parties so we always have a lot of red paper, red ribbon, etc.

Don’t Feel Like Making Your Own Invitations?  I will!

If you love the idea of these Megaphone invites and don’t want to make them yourself, I will!  I will customize the invite with your child’s name, age and party location.  I’ll assemble and send them with matching envelopes ready for you to hand out.  Price is $3/per invite fully assembled + shipping/handling of $8.95.  I need about a week to make and get them to you, so try to plan ahead!  ORDER NOW!

Decorations:  Going along with our blue, red, and silver color scheme, I made a very simple and cute birthday banner that I found on Pintrest here from Chicfetti Parties.  This was really adorable!  I picked red 20150605_193834and blue for the colors, and after I printed and cut it out, I reinforced it by mounting it to blue poster board (that I actually found at the grocery store in the clearance section in March when I was doing my regular grocery shopping for the week – total score since they had a ton of them for $0.19 each).  I then punched holes in the top corners and laced a red ribbon through it that I picked up at the Dollar Store.  This was really cute!  The great t20150605_222515hing about it is that I can save it for another year as well!

I also used the rest of the poster board that I found in clearance to make posters for the decorations.  I simply printed out cheerleading clip art and sayings like “Go Team!”, “Happy Birthday Makenzie”, “Go, Fight, Win!”, etc. and glued them to the poster board.  I made several signs to hang around the house, as well as the front door for when guests arrived.  I made different sizes by cutting the poster board in half and even in fourths.  I also made one extra special sign that said “Happy Birthday Makenzie” that I p20150605_222625lanned to have the girls use in their group photo!  Besides the poster board, I didn’t have to buy anything else to make these decorations and they came out super cute!

I also used red and blue streamers that we found at a garage sale the day before the party for $.05, a blue table cloth that I got at the Dollar Store, 9 helium balloons (from the Dollar Store) and some of the pom poms.

Food and Supplies:  We served some simple snack foods of popcorn and pretzels and I made a big batch of strawberry water for my big drink dispenser.  I used only 3 sliced strawberries that I had purchased with my groceries for the week (I didn’t include these in my cost breakdown because I purchased them for my weekly groceries).  Great way to serve a lot of drinks and keeping the cost to a minimum.  All my paper products were leftovers from previous parties – again FREE!

Activities: I’ve learned over the years that the best way to do a party is to keep your guests busy from the second they walk in the door – I like to plan every minute of my party and keep them kind of short – usually only 90 minutes.  When guests arrived they were given their special set of pom poms, which had their name printed on the handles and these were their ‘thank you-take home gift’ as well.  Then we had them immediately  get their faces painted by a friend of mine.  She had very simple choices (megaphone, heart with the word ‘Cheer’ in it, star, etc) and of course these all included glitter!  I even got my face painted!

After they all got their faces painted we had them color and decorate their own megaphones.  I made my own flat megaphone template and traced them on to pieces of the poster board we found in clearance.  I was able to get 2 megaphones per poster board.   The girls were able to color and decorate their own megaphone and then we stapled them together to form a megaphone.  These came out great and were super cute!  They got to use them when they learned their cheer!

Next, we made hair ties out of the ribbon I found at the Dollar Store.  I picked up 3 20150605_222700different colors and for the final color I used some ribbon that came with the treat bags for my son’s party that we didn’t plan to use for his party. Once they all had their hair ties finished, we put their hair in ponytails, applied some hair and body glitter that I already had to get them all pretty and ready to learn their cheer!  Some of the girls said the glitter was their favorite part!  I love glitter – I like to think I sweat glitter…but that’s another story!
Next, we took a group photo with one of the poster board signs I made and then we headed outside to teach the girls a cheer!  My friend’s daughter, who was a little bit older than all the other girls, very sweetly offered to create a cheer and teach it to the girls.  It was adorable!  She created a “birthday cheer” complete with arm motions and kicks and included the use of their pom poms and megaphones! cake She did such a great job and kept it simple and easy!  The girls all did a great job and it was very special to Makenzie!

After they worked up an appetite, we opened presents and ate cake!  Makenzie’s cake was awesome!  Was a Pinterest fail, but I think it came out even better than the original idea!  Every year it’s tradition for my momK_cake to make cakes for my kids, and she always does an amazing job.  This year we made white chocolate dipped sugar cones to look like megaphones along with cupcakes topped with pom poms.
These came out great and were really yummy!  The megaphones were supposed to be sideways on top of a cupcake, but after we dipped the cones in chocolate they were just way to heavy that they smooshed the cupcakes!  So, we had to serve them on the side along with the cupcake and pom poms.  They were a big hit and the cones were super yummy! Plus girls always love getting something with their name on it!

Her party was a huge success and I’m so glad we picked this theme!

Price Breakdown – Cheerleading Party: 

Here is a list and price breakdown of things we used for her party.  I realize not everyone has access to a Dollar Store, so I’ve also included links to Amazon for similar items that you could order and have shipped right to your door.

  • 12 red and blue posterboard sheets (found in clearance) - $2.28 – or order now online now
  • Stickers (Dollar Store) - $2 – or order now online now
  • 3 spools of red and blue ribbon (Dollar Store) – $3.00 – or order now online now
  • 9 helium balloons (Dollar Store) - $9 – or order now online now
  • Blue tablecloth (Dollar Store) - $1 – or order now online now
  • Sugar cones – $1.49 – or order now online now
  • Cake mix – $1 – or order now online now
  • Frosting – $2 0 or order now online now
  • Chocolate candy melts – $8 – or order now online now
  • 11 Pom poms sets (Dollar Store) – or order now online now
  • Popcorn – $3 – or order now online now
  • Pretzels – $2 – or order now online now
  • Total $45.77

Minute-To-Win-It PartyC_invite

Invitations: His invitations were super simple as well, we just googled the Minute-To-Win-It logo and made up a simple invitation that I printed out on my own printer.  We only needed to make about 12, so it was quick.  I mounted them to postcards that I already had and we handed them out at school.

Decorations:  The cool part about the decorations is that I just used all th20150606_135926e same stuff from Makenzie’s party just hours earlier.  All the poster board signs that we used for Makenzie’s party we just flipped over and had made clip art signs for Coen’s party.  I used the Minute-To-Win-It logo for all the signs that had sayings like:  “Your Time Begins Now!”, “60 Seconds”, “Happy Birthday Coen!”  I made a giant scoreboard on one of the extra poster boards and hung it so we could keep score of how the kids did coen_decorationswith each activity.  I did have prizes for the winner and the loser! We also reused the birthday banner, the balloons, and streamers.  Since the party was just a couple hours after Makenzie’s all we really did was run the vacuum, and flip over the signs.  Was EASY!

Activities: Now this was the fun part!  I had a blast planning this party and all my ideas came from watching the actual show or Pinterest.  We played so many fun games and with my 90 minute time line, we actually scrapped the last game, but we kept all the kids busy and occupied from beginning to end!  Some of the games we did as a whole group, some we did head to head and some we did individually.  I had a friend keep track of the time and another friend was keeping track of scores on the giant scoreboard.andrew_noodle

  • Noodling Around – with your hands behind your back you had to get 5 penne pasta noodles onto a long spaghetti pasta noodle in one minute.  This game was a lot harder than I thought it would be and out of 11 kids, only 1 was able to do it.  The pasta I had in my pantry – another FREE game!  We did this game as a big group because I had plenty of pasta!


  • Baby Rattle – Take empty 2 liter soda bottles and fill one with marbles (about 40), 20150606_135642then you tape another empty bottle on top.  The object is to shake all the marbles from one bottle to the other.  It’s more fun to have a set of bottles for each person so they can shake in both hands, but I didn’t want to assemble that many! I just made 2 sets and that worked out.  I found the 2 liter bottles on a FREE Facebook group we have in my local area and I also got some of the marbles from the same free site.  I purchased some marbles, because I just didn’t have enough, but it was awesome to find some free stuff.  This game was fairly easy and everyone was successful, was also VERY LOUD! :)


  • A Bit Dicey – Object of the game was to stick a craft stick in your mouth and stack 5Coen_dicey dice on top of each other on the end of the craft stick and hold for 3 seconds.   I had the kids go head to head for this game because I only had 10 dice.  This one was hard, but quite a few kids were successful!  I actually picked up a box of 10 dice at garage sale for $0.25 and I already had the craft sticks.  I tried to find the larger craft sticks to make this a bit easier, but never was able to find them, so I went with the small craft sticks I already had on hand.


  • Cup Stack-O – Object of this game is to stack 11 cups of one color on top of the others until you have stacked them all one by one on top of the other until the 12th cup of a different color20150606_145414 reaches the top again.  Sounds a bit complicated, but was a good game of skill to put kids head to head.  All kids passed this game, but a few were super close to 60 seconds!  A good game to keep the scores up for everyone.  I already had all these cups from other parties that I’d had in the past.  We did this game head to head – but you could do more if you had more cups!


  • Sticky Situation – This was hands down the favorite game of the day!  With this 20150606_151552game you take a slice of bread slathered in peanut butter and place it on a small table.  Then you take a bowl of ping pong balls (that I found at the Dollar Store) and place them in a bowl on another table about 5 feet apart.  Object is to bounce a ping pong ball on the first table and get it to bounce from the first table to the second and stick to the peanut butter.  This was really tricky, but a handful of kids were able to get it!  Such a fun game!  We did this as an individual game – they all had a great time collecting the ping pong balls that missed the peanut butter.


  • Face The Cookie – This game made us all giggle!  Object of the game was to take a 20150606_145035cookie and place it on your forehead and with your hands tied behind your back you have to wiggle and jiggle your face just enough to get the cookie to slide down your face into your mouth.  Was hard, but fun to watch – it really took some serious concentration and body wiggle!   I picked up the cookies for $1.29 at the grocery store.  We did this game as big group.


  • Tortilla Flip – This was a hilarious game!  Object of this game was to put a tortilla onCoen_tortillaFlip the end of diving flipper and to flip the tortilla into a pan on top of your head!  I found the diving flippers at the Salvation Army for $3.   Then we made the other part by taking an old baseball hat that my son had and we hot glued a plastic dish on top of it that would collect the tortilla.  This game was a bit hard as well, but a bunch of the kids were successful.  I already had the tortillas on hand, and we only really used about 4 for the whole group.  The neighbors got a kick out of watching the kids do this game since we took them out front – they sure can flip those tortillas pretty high, so watch out! W20150606_140357e did this an individual game because I only had one 1 hat to catch the tortillas in.

When the games were all done, we crowned a winner and handed out a prize to both the winner and the loser!  Next, we opened gifts and then my son requested ice cream sundaes instead of cake for his birthday!  Was super easy – and the kids got to load up on more sugar!  I bought one big tub of vanilla ice cream and then used chocolate sauce and caramel sauce that I already had, along with a bunch of leftover Easter candy that I had saved.  Worked out great and my son loved it! We also served the rest of the popcorn and pretzels we bought for my daughter’s party.  Overall it was a wonderful, LONG day, but was super successful and we had so much fun!


Price Breakdown – Minute-To-Win-It Party: 

  • Candy prizes – $1.79
  • Ping Pong Balls (Dollar Store) – $3
  • Marbles (Dollar Store) – $2
  • Cookies – $1.29
  • Ice Cream – $5
  • Caramel Sauce – $1.79
  • Flippers – $3 (Salvation Army)
  • Dice – $0.25 (garage sale)
  • Total $18.12

Total Price for both parties and a ton of good fun = $63.89


  • Start planning early - I usually start planning my ideas 6 months in advance
  • Pick a unique theme, instead of a branded theme – I like to pick unique themes like cooking, art, messy, firetrucks, tea, etc – this tends to make your decorations cheaper since you are not having to buy branded items
  • I use simple, solid colors to decorate that I can pick up at the Dollar Store
  • Make as much of your supplies and decorations as you can
  • Use what you have around the house to keep costs down
  • Reuse as much as you can
  • Use coupons to to purchase supplies that you need
  • Ask your friends for help
  • Pay attention to sales flyers and buy supplies that you need when it goes on sale – even if it’s months in advance
  • Find a local “FREE” site on Facebook in your area and ask for things that you need for your party – you never know what someone has around their house that they may want to give away – for FREE
  • Share decorations  - even with a friend
  • Pinterest is your friend!  You can follow my Pinterest Page here
  • Follow my Facebook page, I’m always posting fun tips!

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.







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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #8 – Write to Manufacturers

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #8 – Write to Manufacturers

CT8_WriteToManuMake a list of your favorite products and brands and start contacting them via letter or email.  Express how much you like their products and ask them for high-value coupons to purchase their products.  I’ve done this many times for my favorite products and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I open the mail and find a bunch of really good, high-value coupons for products my family loves!  Just takes a little work, but it pays off!

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Health Quest – Where Are The Veggie Coupons?

Health Quest – Where Are The Veggie Coupons?

20150412_174907_resizedToday is officially day 12 of our Whole30 challenge.  I’m starting to get really used to all of this now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really exhausting to do all the food preparation.  I really miss the couple nights a week that we used to go out for dinner,  just for the break from cooking.  I enjoy cooking – but cooking everything from scratch with all new recipes that I’m not used to yet is starting to get really tiring.  It takes double the amount of time to make dinner than it used to, but I know that I’ll get better at it as I get more used to cooking the Whole30 way.  So far, there is only 1 recipe that I’ve made,  for this cold broccoli salad, that was actually awful.  It was so bad that I couldn’t even get it down my throat, and I love broccoli – in fact, all 5 of us love broccoli – but NONE of us liked this salad.

We have discovered smoothies for breakfast and they have changed EVERYTHING!  Last week, my kids woke up with a bad attitude knowing they had to eat some eggs and veggies for breakfast.  Now, after discovering smoothies, they run downstairs asking for their smoothie!  I fill them with spinach, avacados, seeds, nuts, fruit and coconut milk and they LOVE them! I honestly just love that there is no whining at breakfast anymore!  It starts the day out so much better!20150413_071632_resized

I just went grocery shopping at 8pm on Friday.  Yes, clearly I have no life, but it’s the only time I could fit it in and we were totally out of fruit already.  Can you believe that last week the 5 of us went through 6lbs of bananas, 5lbs of Halos, 4 heads of lettuce, 6 dozen eggs, I don’t even know how many pounds of meat, and tons of other fruits and veggies?  It’s crazy!  It’s good, but I had no idea that my kids were bottomless pits – they never seem to stop eating.  They are always asking for a snack.  But, I truly love seeing how colorful our meals are and just how adventurous my kids are with the veggies I’m preparing.  When there are no other choices except some veggies, and when my kids are hungry, then they are willing to try just about anything.  It’s great!

BUT, I do have an issue I need to discuss – my grocery budget.  Ohmygosh, it’s killing me!  My budget has gone up so much this month.  The problem is that we do a zero based budget every month and we definitely didn’t budget enough for this  month.  I grossly underestimated how much all these fresh fruits and veggies were going to cost us, and on top of it, I don’t have any coupons for 20150413_072029_resizedveggies!  Being a huge couponer, it’s very hard to go grocery shopping and not have a huge percentage of the bill paid for by my coupons.  Honestly it kills me!  I have to be really extra creative with any coupons that I can use on my groceries that I need to buy, especially Whole30 staple items.

Usually, when I’m pushing my budget I just work extra hard on using what I have in my stockpile to make due.  I would love to dip into my stockpile, but honestly, my stockpile is full of a lot of things that we really should just get rid of, and things that are not at all Whole30 compliant. I find that I’m buying a lot of new things, that in the future, I can slowly start stocking up on, but in the mean time, it’s expensive to completely change the products you used to buy and start over with new ones.  I don’t even want to think about how much money I have in my stockpile on items that I should really just toss out the door.  It’s hard for my money-saving, frugal-living brain to comprehend just how much money I’m losing and knowing I need to buy other stuff.

This is one time when I wish I wasn’t such a good couponer, and didn’t have such a decent stockpile of “normal” staple items.  I’m sure you are wondering what I’m talking about? Well, I mean stuff like peanut butter, ketchup, cereal, muffin mix, cake mix, popcorn, brownie mix, pasta sauce, pasta noodles, flour, chocolate chips, etc.  Those are the types of things I used to stockpile and that I have a big pile of right now.  We used them all the time, they were quick, easy, and made for a yummy dinner – but I know none of that is good for me or my family.  But, it’s still frustrating.  Old habits are hard to change! Wonder what next will teach me?!  How are you doing this week?

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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #6 – Teach Your Kids

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #6 – Teach Your Kids

CT6_TeachYourKidsTeach Your Kids How to Coupon Too! Great behaviors are taught and what better thing to pass along to your children but a love for saving money!  I’m a mom of three kids so I know how hard it is to take them to the grocery store, but I try to make it fun for them! 

I give mine their own list, I will bring along a kid-sized shopping cart, and then I will let them help me scan the items at checkout!  Yes, I am a little crazy, but I’ve found that they really enjoy helping me shop when I can give them a job to do!  Plus it’s teaching them about saving!  I dare you try, and let me know how it goes (FREE cookies from the bakery always help too)!

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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #7 – Ask For Discounts

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #7 – Ask For Discounts

CT7_AskForDiscountsDon’t forget to ask for discounts – even on ripe fruit! My kids LOVE smoothies for breakfast and I usually bulk them up with over-ripe frozen bananas (it gives them extra sweetness).  Just today, I asked the produce manager at my local grocery store if they sell the over-ripe bananas at a discount because I didn’t see any out for sale.  He didn’t have any over-ripe ones, but he did proceed to give me all the single bananas that were left not attached to any others for a discount – half off! 

Although I was looking for over-ripe ones, instead I got perfectly almost-ripe bananas for a cheaper price than the lady standing next to me who bought the exact same ones (her’s were just attached to a few others)!  Such a great deal that I bought 5lbs of them and I’ll just let them ripen on my counter!!  It pays to ask for a discount! I was excited for the deal and the produce manager said I was really helping him out too, because they have a hard time selling the singular ones that are left!  That’s a double deal in my book!  A win-win!

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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #5 – Stand Up For Yourself

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #5 – Stand Up For Yourself

CT5_StandUpIf you question something, speak up!  If you think the grocery store cashier has miscalculated something or a coupon is not ringing up correctly, SPEAK UP!  Respectfully say something, question it, stand up for yourself!  Afterall, cashiers are just people and people make mistakes and sometimes computers make mistakes too!

If you think a price is ringing up incorrectly, don’t just accept the higher price, question it (respectfully of course), and make sure you are ok with the price before continuing on with the transaction. Don’t worry about the long line behind you, and don’t feel bad about voiding an item if you choose not to purchase it – just remember, you are the only voice for yourself and you need to make sure you are getting every last penny of your savings!

Honest mistakes happen all the time, if you catch one, then speak up!

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6 Real Ways You Can Make Money As a Stay-At-Home-Mom

6 Real Ways You Can Make Money As a Stay-At-Home-Mom

StickyNote_6RealWaysToMakeMoneyAsASAHMIt’s no secret, I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I love it!  There are so many positives to being home with my kids all day!  I know I sound all “chummy” and“happy go lucky-the world is full of rainbows,” but I really do love that I get to be home with my kids and also create income doing some of the simple and complicated things I do as a mom.  If you have read a lot of my blog posts you know that I’m very business-minded, God just made me that way.  In high school I spent all my time running our school store, as well as being a part of every business club our school offered and competing at the National level in many of them for things like Job Interview and Desktop Publishing.  By the time I graduated I was determined to make a million dollars before I turned 30 with my own business.  I was an entrepreneur from the get-go.  Now, I’m proud to say I’m a MOMprenuer and love that I can have the best of both worlds.  You don’t have to put your dreams of working and creating an income on hold just because you are now a mom and spend the majority of your day cleaning up spit-up and dirty diapers.  Trust me moms, I know!  I’ve been there and I’ve just passed the potty training stage for my youngest and am literally doing the happy dance!  Through all the stages of my 3 kids, I’ve kept a candle burning for my business dreams and am happy I’ve not quit.  When the kids were babies I was not able to spend as much time working as I can today, but being a mom comes first above any work EVERY DAY.  I’ve learned ways to work in a little bit of work here and there while I’m doing the mom thing and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Here a couple quick ideas of ways to keep working during the day when you are in full-time mommy mode – then, I promise I will give you some REAL ways you can make some money:

  • Make A List (I actually keep 2 at all times): Keep a notebook/notepad with you when you are being mommy-chauffer taking kids to and from school, soccer practices and dance class.  Jot down a list of things you need to do that day for your personal life when you are a stop sign or waiting on your kids during practices – like chores, phone calls you need to make, cleaning you need to do, etc.  I’m slightly crazy, so I actually have 2 notebooks that I take everywhere – one is for my personal life and the other if for my business.  Anytime I think of things for either one I add it to the list.  Oh and because I’m always thinking about coupons/groceries, in my personal notebook I always have a running list for the grocery store.
  • K_Kenz_work_webSchedule Your Time:  This is a no-brainer.  In order to be effective both as a mom and as a MOMprenuer you MUST schedule your time.  I know so many moms who struggle with time management.  They get so wrapped up in doing something silly (like watching a quick program on TV) that all a sudden the whole morning is gone and they didn’t get anything done.  I’m a huge fan of scheduling – and I’ve found that when I get up early in the morning and start the day with a some strenuous exercise as well as a good cup of coffee and some quiet time with the Lord and my Bible I have a much better day.  That helps me get going and then I can attack the day.  I will then spend the next 10mins before kids are up to get out my personal notebook and make a list of all the things I want to get done that morning while my older kids are at school.  I try to block out about 45mins each morning to spend some time working in my office.  I allow my youngest son that time to pick out the educational games he wants to play on my iPad and this is his only chance during the day to play uninterrupted (from his older siblings) on my iPad.  It’s a win-win and I know exactly which tasks in my office I want to get done and I set right to it (because I had already made my list).
  • Get Off Facebook:  Yeah, I just went there!  I mean it.  Get off your phone.  I’m so bad at this, but I try to be present for my kids when they are awake.  Let’s be honest, there is nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone who is also checking their Facebook or phone at the same time.  Imagine how this feels to your kids?  Plus, think of how much time you truly do WASTE on Facebook.  A lot huh?  I understand, I have the same problem!  But I’m really trying to work on it.

Now on to the good stuff, 6 REAL Ways to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home-Mom and here they are:

  1. Start using coupons regularly.  Start to think of them as paper money, which they truly are.  Every single coupon you have is just like a couple quarters or a crisp dollar bill.  While they may not actually make you money – they will keep the money that you have made in your wallet by not having to pay as much for the items you need.   If you need help getting started with coupons download my FREE ebook – 7 Biggest Mistakes Couponers Make.
  2. Consign your old clothing.  This is a great way to make couple extra bucks on something you were going to donate or give away.  Go through your closet and your children’s closets and take all the stuff that is still current and in great shape to a consignment store and watch your account collect money!  You can get paid with a check, or you can buy clothing directly with the money you just made on the clothes you brought in.  It’s a win-win!
  3. Join an online selling group like VarageSale – it’s a local community app that you can put on your smartphone to buy and sell anything you have or want to have!  Clothing, household products, toys, shoes, etc.  All you do is take a picture of the item and pick a price and upload it to the group.  I personally love my community Varage Sale group and love that I can sell stuff without having to ship the items out.  Your community members just stop by your house or wherever you plan to meet them and yOu are done!  Check out and see if your community has a group and get involved.
  4. Have a Garage Sale!  I love, love, love, love garage sales!  They are one of my favorite things to do from spring to fall.  You can make a great amount of money and get ride of a ton of stuff all in a matter of days!  It’s wonderful!  Make sure to check your community and home owner’s association for any rules they may have regarding garage sales.  My community is pretty strict, so I have to really be careful.
  5. Blogging is another great way to generate an income.  Set up a free blog and start writing.  What you have to say may go viral!  I love blogging, it’s a great way to relieve stress – it’s almost therapeutic to me.  Plus I love “meeting” new people online!  You never know what post will skyrocket your blog to the top of a search result.  Add some affiliates to your blog and you can start generating some income right away.
  6. Network Marketing – consider working part-time for a network marketing company.  There are many out there that have amazing products that you can share with people from makeup, to bags, to health and wellness products.  Choose whichever one fits you best and get online and start marketing your business.  Of course, I have my favorite that I think is best and would be happy to share it with you if you want to know how I make extra money.  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk to hear more info.  You also need to download this FREE eBook that I have written – 5 Financial Success Secrets For Stay-At-Home-Moms.

Hope this list helps!  If you have any questions, let me know! Love ya all!


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Help! I Use Coupons, Why Am I NOT Saving Money?

Help! I Use Coupons, Why Am I NOT Saving Money?

7BM_LandingPage2My my long anticipated couponing eBook, 7 Biggest Mistakes Couponers Make,  is finally finished.  I’ve been working on this eBook for the past several months and I’m so excited that I’ve finally finished it!  This is my very first eBook and I hope there are many more to follow in the months and years to come.  This particular eBook is full of practical advice and useful tips to help both the newbie and experienced couponer succeed with couponing!  All seven mistakes that I’ve discussed are my own personal mistakes that I’ve made on my coupon journey, and I wanted to share them so you can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.  

I’ll answer one of the questions I hear most often, “I use coupons, but why am I not saving any money?”  This is a common misconception of couponing – just because you use coupons, doesn’t mean you are going to save money.  There are a lot more factors that contribute to big savings at the grocery store.  7 Biggest Mistakes Couponers Make discusses all of these misconceptions and provides practical advice on how to really save your family some money at the grocery store. 

Download my FREE eBook right now and please share it with your friends and family, and with anyone you know who needs help couponing!

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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #4 – Hunt for FREE Inserts

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #4 – Hunt for FREE Inserts

CT4_HuntForFreeFREE coupon inserts can be found in all sorts of places!  You just need to be creative!  On Sundays mornings make a stop at your favorite bagel/coffee shop – you can usually find a discarded Sunday paper lying around.  Ask the owner if you can have the coupon inserts!  Try any place you can think of where people like to go sit and read the paper – places like bookstores, restaurants, coffee shops, even grocery store coffee shops.  Be honest and make sure you ask permission before you take home any inserts!

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