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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #6 – Teach Your Kids

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #6 – Teach Your Kids

April 14, 2015 2:56 pm0 comments

CT6_TeachYourKidsTeach Your Kids How to Coupon Too! Great behaviors are taught and what better thing to pass along to your children but a love for saving money!  I’m a mom of three kids so I know how hard it is to take them to the grocery store, but I try to make it fun for them! 

I give mine their own list, I will bring along a kid-sized shopping cart, and then I will let them help me scan the items at checkout!  Yes, I am a little crazy, but I’ve found that they really enjoy helping me shop when I can give them a job to do!  Plus it’s teaching them about saving!  I dare you try, and let me know how it goes (FREE cookies from the bakery always help too)!

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