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Where I Eat: MAD Greens

Where I Eat: MAD Greens

March 16, 2016 9:44 am11 comments

MADGreensmainI’ve been on a health journey for years now. I feel like as soon as I turned 30 my body has fallen apart.  I’ve been working very hard at figuring out what is the new normal for me and repairing the damage that was done.  In this process I’ve learned so much about how my body actually functions, and the best things to put in it – foods, supplements, etc. (If you are interested in the supplement I recommend read this post that I wrote about it.)

Every morning I wake up with the very best intentions of eating right the entire day, because I have really seen the effects of what food does to my overall energy levels (I wrote several blog posts a year ago all about my Health Quest journey that you can read about here), but, let’s be honest, some days I just don’t do that well.  One of my errands might take a lot longer than I expected, or I forget that we have soccer pictures after practice and all a sudden I’m left in a pinch and having to pick up fast food.  It’s nice when there is a place you can go that has very fresh and healthy options not only for adults, but for kids as well – hello MAD Greens!  I love this place – the entire restaurant is full of amazingly healthy, fresh food that your whole family will love!

Everything MAD Greens prepares, from salad dressings to bread, is made in-house from scratch with the freshest ingredients, and you can taste it!  MAD Greens serves salads, wraps, soups, paninis, and juice combinations, and their salads are very interesting to say the least!  I’ve tried several and love their Ty Cobb salad the most – full of flavorful crisp ingredients and I’m very partial to their hand-crafted Ranch dressing.  So yummy!  I like any excuse to go to MAD Greens and with their new location in Castle Rock, CO, its very close to me!

Last weekend I took the whole family to the Castle Rock, Colorado location of MAD Greens to enjoy dinner and it was excellent!  I have three kids and my two oldest were MADGREENS2very excited to eat salad – and I’m not kidding!  They love salad and one of the choices on the kid’s menu is a mini salad, where they got to pick their own salad ingredients and they were very happy about this!  They each made a unique salad and once they picked their hand-crafted salad dressing they were set.  I love seeing my kids enjoy healthy food!  My youngest son chose to have mac n’ cheese and was very pleased about this – I’m still working on him – he’s not a big fan of ‘green stuff’ yet.  :)  The kid’s meals also come with a homemade cookie, and drink.  Of course, my youngest said the cookie (which was gigantic) was the best part.  My daughter said her favorite thing was the salad and the feta cheese and my oldest son really liked the homemade balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.  To each their own, right?

Honestly, I’m just really happy that my kids are willing to try new things, especially very healthy things, and that they like them.  Now if we can only get my youngest son to enjoy the ‘green stuff’ as much as his siblings…he’s a work in progress! My husband, got a wrap and loved picking out each individual ingredient that went inside it.  He said it was delicious, and he also decided to try their Strawberry Cooler Juice, which was really refreshing – in fact, we all tasted it.  I think my youngest could have had the whole thing if we would have let him!

We enjoyed our experience and would highly recommend trying MAD Greens!  Besides being a genuinely healthy option for your whole family, I love knowing that MAD Greens is committed to their food and the communities they are located in by using produce from local farmers, and they strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.  For me, I find that very exciting knowing that the meal I’m about to eat is from the farm down the road!  Plus, I live in community that has a small-town feel, and we all love to support our community by shopping local – what could be better than enjoying a fresh meal of superb healthy ingredients that came from my neighbor?  I just love it $25MADGreensand am so impressed by this business model.

Check out MAD Greens and go enjoy a healthy salad!  Currently they have locations in Colorado, Arizona and Texas.

Just for Katrina’s World readers, I’m giving away TWO $25 gift cards to TWO lucky readers to enjoy a meal at MAD Greens.  All you need to do is THREE SIMPLE THINGS:

  1. Comment below and tell me who you would take to enjoy a meal at MAD Greens and why?
  2. Then share this giveaway on your Facebook page and encourage your friends to enter.
  3. If you have not done so already, LIKE my Katrina’s World Facebook page.

Winner will be picked randomly on April 15th and notified via email.  Winner must supply their address for shipment.  Thank you to MAD Greens for sponsoring this giveaway.  Visit MAD Greens on their Facebook page - or on Twitter or Instagram.  

Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoy your meal as much as we did!  I can’t wait to go back!


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  • Myra Boss

    Thank you for sharing this Katrina! I would take my daughter Taryn with me. We both LOVE salads and healthy foods. I’m on a quest to help her find her “comfort food”. So many things make her not feel well and that’s so hard when it’s your kiddo.

    • Katrina

      MAD Greens is so yummy, if you don’t win, take her there and try it out! It’s a really fun place to go and so yummy!

  • Brian bullock

    I’d take my girlfriend Brooke and my boys to mad greens. We are trying to eat much healthier and trying to eat paleo.

    • Katrina

      Awesome! This is a great place to eat super healthy and paleo! Food is amazing! Plus I’m sure your kids will like it too! Mine liked being able to pick out their own ingredients – even if it was all “green stuff”! Good luck!

  • I would take my hubby on a lunch/dinner date! We both love salads and the options for toppings. I love a good salad, especially when I can add yummy things like quinoa!

  • I have 3 girls 9 7 5 so u would take them. They enjoy REAL food afterall and mad greens is one if the best places to get while out..love!

  • I’d just go by myself, honestly. I won’t lie. I’m single, no family, more Mad Greens for me :)

    Also, I found this on Twitter. What do we do if we have no Facebook?


    My FAVORITE meal at Mad Greens is a Reg. Edgar Allen Poe w/ citrus chicken and a half Marilyn Monroe Panini. I love in Boulder, Colorado so every time I go to the Mad Greens in Boulder, I ALWAYS sit outside because I love enjoying my healthy meal outside in the fresh mountain air and get to see the amazing view of the flatirons!

    • Katrina

      Being from Colorado I couldn’t agree more on how amazing the view is! Sounds lovely!

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