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Things I Love

Coupon Resources:

  • Bzz Agent -is all about trying products, sharing your opinions about those products, and then doing it again!  It’s completely free, just takes some active work.  The more active you are on their website, the more campaigns you get invited to and the more products you get to try out.  They send you full-size products and coupons to redeem even more and extra coupons to share with your friends.  I’ve been a part of campaigns for Lysol cleaning products, NERF dart guns, Happy Eggs, etc.  Most campaigns are for brand new products that are just hitting the market that they are looking for opinions on.  It’s a great program!  Try it out!

Health/Wellness Resources:

  • Protandim - this 100% natural supplement is one thing that I can’t go a day without.  Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based formula that has been researched, tested and validated by renowned universities and institutions. It is the only supplement proven in a clinical study to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.  Protandim activates Nrf2, which communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do: up-regulate “survival genes,” genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulate other genes to help the body function at an optimal level.  Everyone needs to take Protandim, it’s done amazing things for my health and I know it can benefit you as well! 
  • PhysIQa smart way to manage your weight!  Recharge and rebalance your body’s internal weight management system with proven PhysIQ. Used as a system, and combined with a balanced diet and exercise, PhysIQ is a safe, long-term solution that starts burning stubborn fat today.  PhysIQ products include a protein shake that has the best flavor of any protein shake I’ve ever had (and trust me, I’ve tried quite a few of them- they always seem to leave an after-taste and PhysIQ does not).  Also, there is a Fat Burner and Probio.  I use PhysIQ products daily and love them!  
  • Fit3D - If you are local to Colorado, there is an awesome new technology where you can capture a full 3D, 350 degree body scan in 40 seconds!  If you are serious about losing weight and inches and have the paperwork to prove your results then you need to have a scan done!  There is only one location in Colorado offering scans: Wolf Fit 3D 19753 E. Pikes Peak Avenue, Suite 101, Parker, CO 80138-7434.  Schedule a Fit3D Body Scan Now- Use the web code KATRINASWORLD in the Comments field under ‘Extra Information’ when signing up for a $5 discount!
  • Wolf Chiropracticeveryone needs an amazing chiropractor and I love mine!  Of course I’m partial to her and have no problem recommending her services!  She’s nice, honest, is always on the cutting edge of chiropractic trends and techniques and has helped me learn a lot about my body and how it functions.  I love that she can help me heal my body naturally and I don’t have to rely on medication.  Highly recommend Dr. Carrie Wolf in Parker, Colorado. Make sure to tell them Katrina’s World sent you!
  • AXIO – provides a guilt-free OOMPH of physical and mental energy.  Life is chaos and 24-hours are no longer enough. A lot of us turn to energy drinks to fill in the gaps. Yet, you know many are bad for you because they are loaded with sugar, sodium, carbs, calories, and artificial colors and flavors. AXIO has no sugar, less than 3 grams of carbs and 15 calories and is a guilt-free, healthier choice. No more sudden sugar crashes and AXIO tastes awesome!  I like to use AXIO every time I run or workout and it’s a perfect pick-me-up in the afternoons when I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  AXIO is naturally sweetened, has no sugar, no colors or flavors, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

Website Resources:

Blog Resources:

  • Pinstamatic - Provides a quick way to add simple, fast images for Pintrest.  You can create images to look like a sticky note, pin images of a calendar date, add text to an existing image or pin a whole webpage.
  • Iconosquare – Manage your Instagram interaction.
  • Websta – Another great Instagram management tool with really good hashtag search feature, and ability to double your efforts by posting Instagram posts across multiple apps.

Marketing Resources:

  • Aweber – Trusted service for email list management with a excellent delivery track record.

Network Marketing Resources:


These resources are products and/or services I recommend.  I may receive a commission if you purchase or download a product or service from this page.  Thanks for your participation and for supporting my site!