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Katrina’s Coupon Tip #11 – Why I Use Self-Checkout

Katrina’s Coupon Tip #11 – Why I Use Self-Checkout

August 10, 2015 4:11 pm0 comments

Do you use thrylyn_selfcheckoute self-checkout lane at the grocery store?  If you haven’t already discovered the power of the self-checkout lane at your favorite grocery store then you are missing out!  I love using the self-checkout lane for many reasons, but mostly because I can control the transaction and make sure that everything is ringing up properly. You would be amazed at how many items you purchase that ring up incorrectly.  There is power in using the self-checkout lane because you can question any item or price that you feel is wrong!  

It’s also nice that you can scan your own coupons and can make sure that each one is deducting and doubling correctly. Be careful, because a lot of stores have item limits for their self-checkout lanes, so make sure you check before beginning your transaction!

Also, if you are anything like me and you allow your kids to shop with you, then using the self-checkout lanes means they can help you scan items!  Yes, this can get a bit crazy, but if you are patient it can be really fun!

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