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I LOVE Brownies

I LOVE Brownies

November 2, 2015 9:59 pm0 comments

chocolate-dessert-brownies-cakeIt’s no secret, I love brownies.  I mean, I LOVE them.  A lot.  I love all different shapes, colors, flavors, it doesn’t really matter actually, if it’s a brownie I’ll try them, and most likely LOVE them!  Most of my friends know this about me.  In fact, I think the perfect dinner is pizza and brownies.  YUMMY!  I love them so much that I tend to remember big life events around if there were brownies included.  Perfect example – when my first son, Coen, was born I remember the day that my big brother met him for the very first time.  While Ryan held him, we ate these amazing, peppermint brownies that my mom makes for me on very special occasions.  Silly, I know – but that special life event was punctuated in my brain by those brownies.

Yes, I’ve been told that I’m slightly crazy.  I have fond memories of childhood that include making brownies with my mom in our ‘all things cow’ kitchen, and I would lick more of the batter than I was allowed.  Once they were cooked I would sneak a bite every chance I got when my mom wasn’t looking!  I really do love brownies, and I love that my closest family and friends know just how much I love them.  In fact, a few of them get a kick out surprising me with a unique flavor that they either made or found somewhere.

Since I love brownies so much, I decided that it’s about time I show some of my most favorite recipes that I’ve found, tried, or collected on Pinterest.  I plan to start featuring a great recipe that I’ve tried myself, but for now, here is my Pinterest board full of lots of tantalizing brownie recipes for all you brownie lovers out there!  Please share any links you have to your favorite brownie recipes – there is always room for more on my board!  Enjoy!


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