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About Katrina’s World

KatrinaCloseUpI’m a Stay-At-Home-Mom and proud of it!  I’m also an entrepreneur who loves the Lord, my family and business!  I’ve reached that stage in my life where I’ve spent the last 12 years being a full-time mommy and now all 3 of my crazy kids are in school all day long!  I catch myself being relieved that I made it to the day when I had time to think while doing all my regular mom duties, but I also miss my kids while they are gone all day.  I’m not one to sit still, and when I have time to think my entrepreneurial self takes over.   Business runs in my blood, and before having my three amazing kids, my husband, Cassidy, and I spent 7 years building our own business. We decided on our honeymoon in 2002 that our dream was to start our own business as soon as we could and be able to work from home and raise our kids alongside us! Well, we did it! We founded our first company and did amazingly well with it for a few years.

Then we had our oldest son, Coen. It was ok at first – hard to manage a new baby and work, but fast forward another 3 years and we had added another child, our daughter, Makenzie, to our chaotic lives. When our third child arrived, Rylyn, I was enjoying being a mommy so much that I felt the Lord wanted me to devote all my time to taking care of the kids and being very present in their lives for the few years that I actually had with them at home. My husband was also ready for a change. The demands of your own business are steep and so he started looking for a new job. He found a great one and went back to work.

Now it’s seven years later and all three of my kids are in school full time.  I’ve started thinkingfamily_redbarn_2017 really hard about what I want to do once my youngest is in school full time, and I’ll be honest, the hubs and I really miss working together! Some people think I’m crazy and that I can’t make up mind…which is not entirely true! Having the last years to be home with the kids while the hubs works away from home has been great, but we totally belong together. We have big dreams of working together, being with our kids, and loving the life the Lord has blessed us with.  I’m still on my journey of trying to find my place, and at the same time, being unique and content in the place God has me.

So, here we go again! Katrina’s World is really all about me! About my journey, my life, God’s plans for me and my family, my kids, the things I’ve learned, my dreams, and how I’m going to reach them through business!  Join me! I pray you learn something, that you go away smiling and feeling blessed by the Lord, also that you learn tips on how you can spend even more time with your family and earn a great living while you are loving your life!