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Success Of Your Business Is Up To You

Success Of Your Business Is Up To You

January 5, 2015 9:19 am0 comments

Your business is what YOU make of it.  Really, it is.  The success of your business is all up to you.

Thanks for the slap in the face Katrina! Geesh!  All joking aside, this fact was proven true this weekend as I was cleaning out some old business card buscardsholders that I had. I pulled out hundreds and hundreds of old business cards from the last 8 years. As I read over them and remembered the amazing people I met and then realized just how many of them were not in business in anymore I was struck with the startling realization that I’m not in that same business anymore either! I’m one of those thrown away business cards too! I know for some of those people in my throw-away stack their businesses failed. For others, their business is still thriving, and for still some others, they have just moved on to new businesses and dreams. This is where I find myself. I’ve laid my old business venture to rest but am still pursuing a new dream and business venture full force! I’m not counting on anyone else on my team to make me successful, I’m building my business and am excited for anyone who wants to join me in my pursuit!

You can’t count on anyone else to make you successful. Your business is not about the next great lead, or the next big bid you sign, or the next great “go-getter” you sign up. It’s really all about you and how much effort you dedicate to your business. You ARE the business, if you don’t make it successful no one else is going to either.

For all the business owners and the MLM’ers out there, you totally know what I’m talking about. You may have a brand new sign up who totally seems like they are going to go out and sign up every person they know and won’t stop until they have reached the top. You are stoked because you might finally get to take a few days off and relax a little bit on your own efforts because this new sign up is going to really grow your team. Then 3 months down the road when they realize that business takes real work and effort, they are not only slowing down, but decide to bail and jump ship. Now you have lost what you thought was going to be your “golden ticket” and you realize that if your business is going to be successful, you better get out there and start selling again.

There are no guarantees in life, that’s the great thing about life. It can be exciting and exhausting all at the same time! But, remember this, your business is your responsibility. If you want to be successful, then you have to do something about it. Don’t wait for someone else to make your dreams come true!

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